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2014 Fall Givaway

Cindy’s Table has teamed up with MD Tech Team ( and are thrilled to announce my new website.  As part of this exciting announcement we are offering you a great fall giveaway.  Be sure to keep checking out as more new recipes, entertaining tips and so much more will be coming soon!  Including a Cindy’s Table store where you can order you favorite Italian kitchen accessories and more!

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24th Oct 2014

Cindy on NBC CT with host Tara Joyce

Cindy on NBC CT sharing her slow cooker recipe in the slow cooker with viewers.

22nd Oct 2014

10 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving

We love our families but when we all get together it can be stressful for some of us.  Not to mention there is always a family member that can be challenging.  There can be jealously or just other emotions that can come to the holiday table!  Here are some tips I try to use so we call enjoy the time together as a family!  As an Italian family there is always plenty of food not only the quantity of each dish but a huge variety to make everyone happy!

When I host Thanksgiving or any other holiday I want to make sure the day is enjoyed by all including myself.  With a little advance planning and some social psychology, you can have the best day possible!   At least you should feel you did what was possible to make it a memorable day for all.

Before you start the planning let’s start to make a list of the family members coming over!  Some want to be the center of attention others can’t stand your brother-in-law and there is always the emotional sister.  Let’s try to avoid family drama this year!

(Unfortunately is the unexpected family member that will be the drama queen)

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06th Oct 2014

The Paleo Pantry

What do you keep in your pantry? I try to keep my pantry stocked so if I have an inspiration while at the grocery store then I know I can complete the recipe with items in my pantry. When protein goes on sale buy it in bulk, put in individual freezer bags and save for later. Having oils, nuts, dried spices and other pantry items will help you be creative when preparing your weekly Paleo meals. We have a Penzy’s spice store in town and it is great because you can sample different herbs and buy in a large or small quantity. If you have one near you – go check it out!

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30th Sep 2014

Hartford Restaurateur On Food Network, Lifetime's Project Runway Winner in Hartford

It’s autumn and that means well-known Connecticut personalities are back in the groove with new projects that bring new exposure.

Master floral designer extraordinaire Ruth Loiseau of Suffield, has launched a new magazine, Couture Flowers. Well-known for her work as a floral designer at the White House and her nationwide lecture series, “From the White House To Your House,” Loiseau called the magazine “a dream come true.”

The magazine features tony floral and interior design, fashion, fine and craft art, and special events. An interactive publication, it also features wedding, special events and garden pictures and stories submitted by readers as well as “how to” articles on creating floral arrangements. For more information go to

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29th Sep 2014