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Day One as an Intern: A Beautiful Composition By Amanda Wright

                 I could barely contain my excitement as I drove up to the gates of NBC News where I was about to meet Cindy for the first time. I had spoken with her the night before about how I would get a first-hand look behind the scenes of her segment. “What a way to meet your future boss!” I thought to myself. As Cindy arrived, a bit eager to get inside, I realized I was definitely in for a treat (a delightful one at that!)

                  A systematic chaos was in the air as we unpacked Cindy’s bucket full of cooking utensils and bags full of food. The idea of a typical face-to-face interview slowly drifted out of the windows of my mind as I began peeling carrots and a turnip for Cindy’s segment! One couldn’t possibly imagine that we could get everything done and prepared in the time allotted – potatoes and onions to be chopped, garlic to be peeled, plates to be dressed, and desserts to be displayed – but we sure tried! As the minutes counted down, we progressed on. I was dubbed as Cindy’s photographer and social media informant of the segment. “Five, four, three, two – ” the camera man counted down and it was time! Just like that, the chaos had turned in to a beautiful composition. “Wow,” I thought to myself as I snapped pictures and watched Cindy move swiftly through her segment, “We did it!”
                  As we cleaned up the kitchen, packed up Cindy’s goods, and said our goodbyes, I knew I was going to love this. “What a way to start off an internship,” I thought to myself. I can only imagine the excitement and knowledge that will follow during my time as an intern at Cindy’s Table.

30th Oct 2014

Finding the perfect Publicist!

Gaining media attention can be tough, and it can be even tougher without the proper help. If you are someone who has a product that you would love to market, or, if you are someone who has an ardent interest in something, such as food, and would love to show your talent to the world, one obstacle you may face is finding the perfect publicist.

I am sharing this post with you to provide my experience.  Two years ago I searched for a publicist and was inexperienced in this process. As I was gaining more and more exposure it was ready for me to take the next step with the media.

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26th Oct 2014

2014 Fall Giveaway

Cindy’s Table has teamed up with MD Tech Team ( and are thrilled to announce my new website.  As part of this exciting announcement we are offering you a great fall giveaway.  Be sure to keep checking out as more new recipes, entertaining tips and so much more will be coming soon!  Including a Cindy’s Table store where you can order you favorite Italian kitchen accessories and more!

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24th Oct 2014

Cindy on NBC CT with host Tara Joyce

Cindy on NBC CT sharing her slow cooker recipe in the slow cooker with viewers.

22nd Oct 2014